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Cafe Manila 8.6.6

Cafe Manila Features
The following is a list of the main features in the Cafe Manila cybercafe management software:
Arrow Monitoring and Management Features
? Graphical computer overview to match their physical arrangement
? Monitoring on-line real-time of every machine and customers
? Two payment modes. Post-Paid and Pre-Paid.
? In Prepaid mode it is possible to increase amount of time for the user?s session.
? Automatically logout user after prepaid accounts expires.
? Transfer active customer session from one PC to another.
? Up to 999 clients
? Remotely turn on/off and reboot computers
? Configurable categories of user rates (includes Games, Internet and Typing)
? Crash proof complete auto recovery.
? Adjustable client volume
? Auto backup of database on save operation.
? Mark a computer as not functioning
? Monitor user status
? Advanced search functions for finding customer accounts easily
? Logon/logoff customers remotely
? Guest function for one time customers
? Two member types: non-member and members
? Send text messages to client PC’s and vice versa.
? Screenshots - You can view the client desktop.
? Customer reservation.
? Ticketing system.
? Product maintenance, delivery and inventory.

Download on Mediafire
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Download on Google Drive
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CIM is the Patch

NOTE: DONOT Run Cafe Manila Before patch

"Para ma patch wag muna i run ang CafeMinila kase di mapapatch yan kapag ni run nyo agad"

 If you newbie Installation tutorial visit:


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