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Changes regarding CafeStation:

* upgraded CafeSuite registration component to make it work on Windows Server 2008
* automatically renewing account validity if account is recharged from quick time buttons
* automatically calculating validity renewal period for longer time periods that defined in rate properties when Multiply validity for longer periods option is enabled
* only displaying current cash on status bar if user has privilege to view daily takings
* possibility to change validity period when renewing account by operator with privilege to edit account validity
* fixed skipping one receipt number when selling products
* fixed losing account picture when renaming account
* fixed getting license key path in application data folder
* fixed possible crash in Printouts panel
* fixed charging time for printouts with multiple copies
* fixed rejecting printouts when it is possible to charge time
* fixed problem with ignoring selection of Extend validity checkbox when renewing accounts with privilege to edit account validity
* no need to restart CafeStation after enabling or disabling print control for any printer
* improved cash to time algorithm

Changes regarding CafeAgent:

* added %AccountUsed% variable to CafeAgent
* restoring system taskbar when unlocking workstation only if option to hide it is enabled on 'Workstation lock' page in client settings
* bundled RapidTranslation DLL directly with CafeAgent (to prevent reported crashes in RapTra30.dll)


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