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Activate your Globe WimaxBM662 and Globe 3g B933 Modem Disconected+admin

For Globe Huawie b933 (3g modem yung tatto eto di yung USB type)
to access the admin setup of your HUAWEI B933.. browse it will prompt you for password..

username: admin
password: gtadmin

it will connect you to main GUI then go to admin settings..
wala kayong ibang dapat na baguhin sa setting except for the Dial-up Settings..

go to Dial-up settings..
e2 ilagay nyo

username: globe
password: globe
APN: http.globe.com.ph

then click save..
insert NEW GLOBE Sim not TM

reset your modem

access the admin setup of your HUAWEI B933.. browse


just w8 your WAN to be GREEN.. it means you already have an internet connection ready..

click Basic Connection pag nakalagay connected then ok na ang settings nyo..

then use Magic IP

click Here


1. go to "hxxp://" (replace x's with t)

2. view as html source by right clicking on the page and "select view page source"

3. may mag po pop na page which is the source page. go to Edit and click find

4. sa "find" type or copy paste mo ito "InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface"

you will be directed to the string and see something like this

var UserInfo = new Array(new stUserInfo("InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ ATP_UserInfo.1","admin","dito_nakalagay_ang_admin_ password_mo","2","null"),new stUserInfo("InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ ATP_UserInfo.2","user","user","1","null"),null);
"InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_UserInf o.1"

5. nilagyan ko lang ng "dito_nakalagay_ang_admin_password_mo" for presentation purposes pero basically makikita mo ang modem password mo.

6. balik ka ulit sa "hxxp://" log in as admin and use the password na nakita mo.

VIOLA!!!! dali lang diba? di man lang nakaencrypt ang password hehehehe

How to change MAC wimax

try mu see password:
Go to cmd, type: telnet
login: wimax
password: wimax820

then typethis
cmd display_b

you will see the admin password  needed on your cpe

check signal strength
type mu lng
cmd showssp

cannot access
go to RUN command Or CMD

and it it prompt your IP
put in on your Browser
  How to change MAC? click Here


Toky ANDRIANJAFY said...

Hi Friend, do you know the telnet loging and password of BM652w?

Thank's in advanced

Jaime Lacson said...


Try used Putty

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