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How to Change MAC for Wimax BM622

How to Change MAC  for Wimax BM622


Mac address are responsible for your speed and disconnection look under your wimax modem see your own wimax MAC. This tutorials origin to my old blognizend.


NOTE: Window 7 Telnet is disable here 's how to enable Window 7 Telnet click Here for tutorials.

4. TYPE,
LOGIN: wimax
PASSWORD: wimax820

 5. pag nagtype kayo ng password walang lalabas na character dun basta type lang kayo..Invisible Password HINT ENTER AFTER TYPING>

6. to change mac address.. ex: type setallmacaddr (SPACE)00:25:99:6E:25:F2 enter

You can copy paste MAC just used your mouse

7. If prompt  success Type :



If you want to change Serial to optional. you can  see this on device ID YYYY-XXXXXXXX  ( X is the Serial)

Login: wimax
Password: wimax820
ATP>setserialnum 21500120124102004301

8. Check status if connected type the IP address in you web browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

NOT Admin.
user: user

 READ MORE:http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/05/heres-latest-wimax-scavenger-scraper.html

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You can change 2 last Mac
example here XX:XX:XX:XX:F9:89   XX:XX:XX:XX:F4:84

mac generator

look for working MAC
Shehzhen Huawei Communication Technologies Co., Ltd.
or you can also try to just change the 5th or 6th part of your Mac address..

JailBreak_s Mac Address Maker

more info here
If this blog helps you .


robin said...

may tanong lang po ako sa bm622i alam nyo po ba

zubzero18 said...

by October alam ko start ng bm622i may matitinda na ganyan modem.ayon sa akin kaibigan.

johnpaul11 said...

ehhh sir alam niyo na po ba kung panu ihack ung bm622i salamat poh! :D

ay sir may tanung po ako panu po mapapasok ung admin ng bm622 kung wala na syang signal ung bar kasi ung lumalabas sakin ay "error connecting" plss sir pa help naman po meron po kasi ako di to ehhhh salamat po

paki pm na lang po ako sa ym sa mga updates tnx

wait ko po ikaw......

zubzero18 said...

you must be a victim of firmware destruct via remote by your ISP sir..

zubzero18 said...


Anonymous said...

sir bakit hindi marecognize ung telnet sakin sa run???

pa email na lang sir

blognizend said...

read sir .. look at the NOTE if your OS is win7 telnet is disable you must enable it first click the lick at the NOTE

Anonymous said...

working yan mga hackers.. tiwala lang... magtulungan lang tayo... sabi nga ng globe "Go lang ng Go"... hehehe... more power sa mga nagsheshare ng mga ideas tulad nito.. mabuhay ang hackerianzzz..

Anonymous said...

still no luck with mac address here. Any list of working mac address anyone? Kudos to this tutorial (y)

Anonymous said...

pwede din po ba mag paturo kung paano ulit ma activate yung wimax BM622 ko..please help po

blognizend said...

Gud PM need mo lang ay MAC na working .. manakaw ka lang ng mac address ^^ ingat lang baka ma Hardware destruct

Anonymous said...

Admin please need help with getting a new mac for wimax BM622 , i tried downloading your Openlive globobo and its not working please advise. Please email me at arcmon08@odesk.com thanks!

jaime lacson said...

Wimax Mac look here to get Live mac on your self http://blognizend.blogspot.com/2012/05/wimax-scavenger-password-generator.html

p$YcH0 said...

after typing telnet, then O, then it won't connect to that ip. what to do?

Jaime Lacson said...


check if your telnet on LAN is note enable. to check this log in on web browser type the same IP on telnet log in a Admin then go to ACL check LAN telnet

Angelica Cabornay said...

Hi... bm622m po ang device ko tapos ang nag set up ay yong pinagbilhan ko... is there other way ma access ko yong device... baka pwede akong iremote anytime. tnx

cliff canezo said...

mga sir p help nmn po. DNS server may be experiencing problems. yan po lumalabas sa network diagnostics ko . bka pwede po p help mga sir kung pano gagawin ko. BM622 po gamit ko.

Jaime Lacson said...

@cliff canezo mac yan or pa check nga kung 192.168.1 padin yung IP ng LAN walang problema sa DNS issue yung 622 sa mga 622i lang madalas yun

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