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How to Earn Money Using Your Blog!

 This tut is for blog spot user

Sign Up for Google Adsense

click Here to sign Up

After a few days of waiting check your email  if your application is approved
Now check your Blog Monetize for Your Earnings
You can sign Up for Amazon

Adding Ads on your Blog  click the Design Tab

click Add a Gadget (widgets)
click the "+" icon

 You can choice where you want to place your add location.

View your Blog and you will see your AdChoice

Note: Your Earning per adds click! Don't click Your Own Adds or else your account is Blocked

You can sign up for Amazon  for extra income its the same  process and adding widgets

or sign up for Nuffnang Adds http://www.nuffnang.com
 Need Help for Nuffnang click Here

 This Video is from Mel and Joey Show  featured pro bloggers sadly the show is off.

EDIT: error on Payee Name on Western Union..   Simply diveded your Full Name into Two
Sample : Amador S Maton Jr
Payee First Name/Given Name:Amador S

Payee Last Name/Surname/Family Name: Maton Jr

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