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Astone UMPC " touch screen"



* Processor: VIA C7-M ULV 1.2Ghz (FSB400) on-board
* Chipset: VX700
* Graphics: integrated VX700
* Audio: VT1708A, with 2 internal 1.5W built-in speaker
* Monitor: 7″ LCD Touch Screen with Handwriting capability, WVGA 800×480
* LAN: 10 Base-T/100 Base TX LAN
* Bluetooth: Yes, USB interface
* Wireless LAN: Yes, IEEE 802.11b/g, USB 2.0 mini card
* Battery: 4-cell 2200mAh
* I/O: DVi-I, USB 2x, mic-in/Array Mic 1x, Headphone out/Line-out 1x, RJ45 1x
* Webcam: Yes, modular 0.3MP Camera
* Card Reader: Yes, 4-in-1 (for SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro)
* Dimension: 230×171×29.4mm
* Weight: 0.97kg
* Memory: 1GB DDR 667
* HDD: 60GB (1.8″ HDD)
* OS: Open OS (Windows XP Compatible)

How to enable Touch Screen?

* 1Connect the AC adapter of your Astone UMPC laptop to the power jack. This is the small circular input on the case's side. Connect the jack to a power outlet. You may also connect the Astone UMPC laptop to your computer's battery compartment at the bottom side of your PC.
* 2Lift the lid of the Astone UMPC laptop to reveal its touch screen monitor and keyboard. Turn on the power by pressing the button at the side of the screen.
* 3Wait for the laptop to boot up and show the desktop screen. Press the "Fn" button and the "F7" button and wait for the laptop to acknowledge the activation of the touch screen.
* 4Move the cursor by touching the screen with your fingers to see if the touch screen has been activated.

Bad feedbacks:
No Screen or black out  because of its VIA chip set, Mother Board replacement is Expensive because the Processor is integrated , its place FIX on the board. HALF the Price without warranty
-On my own experience the power switch bottom ribbon short circuit and burn.Due all electric current flows at the switch.LAN HDD

Trouble Shooting
click Here

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