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How to Enable Windows 7 Telnet

Enable  Telnet on Windows 7 Vista  and Windows8
 Telnet allow you to send command on modem or router

XP is the only Windows Telnet  ready , new Windows realese are not Telnet enable ready . You need to enable Telnet features on Control Panel.

Click on “Control Panel (menu it1em)” in “Start menu”

Click on “ Program (link)” in “Control Panel”

 Click on “Turn Windows features on or off (link)” in “Programs and Features”

 Click in “Windows Features” box and find the “Telnet Client” check box click OK
Allow the system to install the appropriate files – should take only a few seconds to a minute or so.

To test the functionality:

Click on the “Start button”

Click on “Search Box” in “Start menu”
 Type “cmd” in the “Search box” to bring up a command prompt
 Type “telnet” and hit “enter”. You should now see the Microsoft Telnet> prompt
There you go.  Easy enough.
P.S. If you can’t find the “Telnet Client” check box in your programs list, you may need to upgrade your version of Windows 7 to get these features. like starter to win Ultimate

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