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Special Force Error Code and How to Fix


When your playing you will be disconnected and it shows "Connection to the server has been lost"

>Slow pc and internet connection
>Servers are busy

>Upgrade your pc
>Go to the server with few players
>Use GameBooster

Error #2.FALSE 5: connect error

When you log-in your account it shows up "FALSE 5: connect error"


>GameClub will have a server maintenance later.
>Slow connection


>Wait for the maintenance of GameClub
>Check your internet connection

Error #3.Failed to Global.cki download

When you open your launcher it shows "Failed to Global.cki download"


>Slow Internet connection
>No Internet


>Upgrade your internet connection
>Use GameBooster

Error #4.CKI Read Failed.(999999)

When open launcher it shows "CKI Read Failed.(999999) "


>Launcher is damaged or has a virus


>Reinstall Launcher

Error #5. Cannot connect to Login server-Time error

When black screen appears so long


>You are using a wallhack
>D3D8.DLL FILE is damaged


>Correct time of injecting DLL
>Replace D3D8.DLL File (Download link)

>Don't use wallhack

Error #6. Specialforce.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.


>Servers are full
>Conflict between anti-virus
>Low speed connection.


>Choose server with few players
>Turn-off your anti-virus
>Use GameBooster

Error #7. Data is invalid. Please re-install Soldier Front


>You edit and put hacks on sf folder.
>There's a virus in the folder.


Remove all hacks used in the SF Folder.
Re-install soldier front.
Scan the folder.

OR Download the Latest installer
best way is to copy to your nearest computer shop :)

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