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GLOBE Telecom Accelerate its Fiber Optics

GLOBE Telecom on Tuesday said it would accelerate the rollout of its fiber optics to increase network capacity in a bid to meet the growing demand for broadband and mobile data.
Jesus Romero, head of Globe Business told reporters that 50 percent of its base stations nationwide would use fiber optics to increase capacity and improve network quality.

At present, Globe has more than 6,000 base stations nationwide.

Romero said the company’s cell site locations would be converted from 2G into 3G enabled and HSPA Plus.

He said the upgrade is expected to be completed between 18 and 24 months, adding that subscribers can expect improved service by middle of next year.

Alongside its network modernization program, Globe likewise embarked on an IT transformation that would enhance business support systems to improve customer experience.

A standards-based IT architecture will be in place that is robust, scalable, and flexible, allowing Globe to quickly respond to future business requirements.

Once the new system is in place, Globe will have an integrated front-end application that will allow Globe Stores and call centers to respond quickly to customer queries and service requests.

“We envision an unparalleled customer experience that will truly set Globe apart from competition.

The modernized Globe network and IT systems will address all current needs of our customers, at the same time, have the capacity and capability for more sophisticated use of mobile and broadband technologies. Our plans are ambitious, yet necessary step to help sustain our momentum towards being a customer-centric organization,” Robert Tan, chief technical adviser of Globe said.

Globe will also establish a Joint Innovation Center with its technology partner, Huawei that will provide opportunities to learn network best practices and tap into the latest developments of the 17 R&D centers of the Chinese firm.

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