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The Social Network Relationship

   The Social Network beats the "TXT  Relationship" as we know TXT group or "Clan".

    Now a days some people say it easy to find someone to love..The first social network that I post " its complicated" status was Friendster. Now the Facebook arrive!! If someone who like you they almost LIKE all your post Funny!! the way they express their feeling Posting on their Wall. And some who you would like to know you can view their photos..Trying to investigate what a person he or she is.. if you have a mutual friends you ask them  about her/him.. The "Blind Date" is Almost not a Blind date anymore you just have to Google his/her Name and that's its you gather information see her/his photo, where she/he live,where he studied,when his/her birthday. 
     Its easy to have a relationship on Social Network,the problem its "Getting out of it". How would you change your status to "In Relationship" to Single? When you have a mutual friends already and post the same photo on your wall..How can each other accept if one of them. have already  move on and got a new relation. And someone who your mutual friends say this "Did you see the new girlfriend of your EX. OMG. she's Pretty!!"

Not all show there truthful person on social network.You can be anyone online, be anonymous to someone the worst is..you look like a stalker that you even have not notices.

Happy Valentines..

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