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AdSense account may be disabled for invalid activity

 I say bye bye to my Google ad sense no more ads will start appearing on my blog. its says

AdSense account may be disabled for invalid activity 

Can i get New Google account and make new AdSense account?

The answer is NO Google take seriously on invalid click activity.Even not your fault or someone helping you out or your guilty clicking ads..

 If  i want to have I get a second chance. I must change my domain separate bank account separate address and Company Name.

There still many company I can join to Monetize my blog.

  • Adf.ly

  • Nuffnang

  • AdBrite

  • chitika

  • Infolinks

  • bidvertiser

Require sites to have a top-level domain and no longer accept sites that use free blog hosting solutions like Blogspot, Hpage, Tumblr, .tk, or .co.cc.  If you would like to use adBrite please use a paid service that provides a top-level domain.

Adf.ly still work for my site like a Banner, my Nuffnang ads still hibernate not active info link works perfectly.

If have know about other monetizing web you can help me  just comment.. 

Homeless blogger For me I'm Blogging from computer shop since I start Knowing How to Blog you can consider me a homeless blogger typing blog in computer rentals. I just Got my new Postal ID for a valid ID for Western Union Cash out.. I feel sorry. :(

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Sean Murphy said...

This is really nice to have reliable companies to take any computer or laptop on rental basis. Thanks for the information.

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