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Imation Slim External DVD Recorder 8X

Imation Slim External DVD Recorder 8X
>Php 1,480.00

Ultra slim design:     Sleek styling and compact size
Portability:     141 mm x 155 mm 23 mm Weight: 360g
Auto-Power:     Auto detect your computer status to On/Off device
USB Power:     No additional power required
Save Power:     Low Power consumption
Write/Read Speed:     DVD/CD Recorder Performance - up to

Write:     DVD+/-R = 8x
DVD + RW = 8x
DVD-RW = 6x
DVD+/- DL = 6x
DVD RAM = 5x
CD-R = 24x
CD-RW = 24x
Read:      DVD-ROM = 8x
CD-R ROM = 24x


  • Double-layer discs allow for 80 percent more recording capacity that single layer discs. They can store 8.5GB of data versus the standard 4.7GB DVD capacity, making double-layer DVD's ideal for recording movies, music or sporting events. High-capacity double-layer DVD's are also an ideal back-up and storage medium for data files
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