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Customize Antenna for Wimax

How to make Wimax Antenna or Pigtail for old Wimax

1.You need a 1 ft TV antenna. (if you have a Wimax antenna/ No Wimax no need to cut just skin it off)

2. Skin it 2 inches and a half centimeter for the middle wire

3. Attach the end in your Wimax Antenna put a Brace and tie it up :P (Much better you have a BM662i antenna , marami nyan sa suking kapitbahay na disconnected because Service Provider need only the Modem) NO need to do this for Antenna TV

4.Now plug you antenna and look the signal 3 bar!!

Speed Test


Speed Test

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glenn patrick ignacio said...

Sir pde po mag tanong dko po maintindihan un sa 3 pano po ba i aattache?

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