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Globe Telecom has successfully update their firewall on May 6, 2012. after the BUG FREE registration to their promo without any balance. Their Prepaid  Connection has no HSPDA in some areas Only 3G signal are open. HSPDA speed is up to 1mbps to 21mbps they say Globe set this for Postpaid Subscribers, for your Info 3G internet speed is 384kbps up to 400kbps.This 3G setting will trigger if you download above 90mb. Capping Reset at...every  12am. The MB15 which is 20mb data allocation limit for 1 day,VPN can be bypass this 20mb limit before the May 6 update. Now theirs no available port or backdoor to bypass Globe data allocation charge. But there a Good news the 800mb cap limit still can bypass by a open port. And their still cheaper promo available.

SUPERFB10 send to 8888 for GLOBE Subscribers. 1 day unli for mobile and USB modem

ASTIGFB10 send to 8888 for TM  Subscribers. 1 day unli for mobile and USB modem

This promo have 5mb limit sessions but good for browsing

You can bypass this promo to browse any site via anti censorship tools like VPN or UltraSurf 

Other FB user switch to SMART, free net still working on SMART. 

For Your Signal and Speed Guide.

Mobile Internet Connection                                                  Maximum Speed
HSPDA                                                                                  3.6 to 23mbps
3G                                                                                          384kbps
EDGE                                                                                    156kbps
GPRS                                                                                     12 to 48kbps

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