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Built in WebCam Problem Solve

I have a problem on built webcam after upgrading the old Windows to Windows7. The Webcam is "Not Detected Hardware" or Uninstalled. As we know Windows 7 has all drivers and it can auto update any driver available.

Most Laptop with this trouble are:

  • Asus
  • Acer
  • Samsung
  • Neo
As you see no Webcam is detected except for "Base System Device " (system device PCI or Card reader)
Device Manager....

On Device and Printers..

Like a built in WiFi device , built in WebCam need a hardware enabling device. The default  key is Fn + F10 ,after pressing  these key you will notice your webcam "Lights On" or Try any Fn+ combo key F1 to F12 

NOTE: Look for Product Manual on How to Enable WebCam . Now its working vice Manager and Device and Printers.

 Testing the WebCam you can download Vimicro USB Camera . Its allow you to take capture photo and videos.

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