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CD-R KING CW-8196 Wifi Setup for GLOBE WIMAX

 CD-R KING CW-8196 Wifi Setup for GLOBE WIMAX

 CC Series P880.00php Only one of their cheapest router

1.Plug your router access on web browser log in as admin:admin

2.Click Setup
3. Click your Wifi and config all the circles.
SSID = WiFi Name
Security = its up to you.. (for me I choose BTH TKIP and AES)
PassPhrase = Your WiFi Password
 4. For Connected but No " Internet Access".Try this.. COPY all the config

For some reason WiFi client are connected but no internet  access I manually put GOOGLE DNS  works fine for BM622i WIMAX.

You can disabled the WPS setting here so don't have to click it..Unchecked it

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fevie joy mangana said...

working? may nkatry na po ba?

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