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How to restore Windows 7 Icons and open with

Did you accidentally change the option or setting when you trying to open a files?

Then after selecting open with your file turn something like this.. Same Icon

How to fix?

This is 100% effective I personally use this trick to fix my customer PC/Laptops with Open with Problem.

You can uninstall the default open with program on control panel- add remove program  to recurse the open with file.

But in some cases open with MS Paint or Notepad you can't uninstall them  you can try to do the trick below. 

1.Download these two files.

2.After downloading the 2 files Open Task Manager by Pressing  Ctrl+Shift+Esc.Go to Process" End Process" explorer.exe

3. Click File tab then click New Run-Browse click all files open lnk fix 7

You must know where you place your downloaded files.

4. Same as step 3  New task then find Rebuilt_Icon_Cache then Restart.it will ask you y/n  type Y 

Finish!!  all back to default .

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