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Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse has demonstrated that a solar-powered airplane can fly day and night using no fuel. The next challenge is to fly around the world.
"Our aim is to prove that progress is possible
using clean forms of energy."
Becoming a pioneer is all in the mind. Would you too like to break free of certainties and confront the unknown? 
Pilot: André Borschberg
Take-off time: 21/06/2012 06:05 AM UTC
Time of landing: 21/06/2012 11:25 PM UTC
Flight duration: 17h 20 min
Average speed: 64.82 km/h
Average altitude: 16’405’ feet
Distance: 683 km

To the beat of local traditional singers and dancers, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA, piloted by AndrĂ© Borschberg, was warmly welcomed in Ouarzazate International airport, at the doorstep of Morocco’s desert, tonight Thursday 21 July, at 23:25 (UTC).

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