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WiFi Hotspot on Windows 7

Here' a Tutorial for Windows 7 user who want to make WiFi Hotspot using your built in Wireless Network adapter. So you can share your internet like a wireless router.

1.Go to Control Panel - Network and Internet-Manage- Wireless Networks click " add "

2. Click create an ad hoc network.

3. Type your desired Access Name then password don't forget to click save and click next.

4. Go to Control Panel - Network and Internet-Manage- Network Connections
Select your Local Area Network which is Connected to Internet-  "right click" click properties -click the tab Share. check the box  allow. finish!!

Your network should be look like this...

TAKE NOTE: Your Adapter must support AP.

Supported: Ralink and Broadcom

See Facts on ICS: http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/06/using-ics-internet-connection-sharing.html

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