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AMD APUs (Accelerated Processing Units)

 AMD APU vs Intel 3rd Generation Processor

AMD APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) allow you to configure small-form-factor, long-battery-life PCs that consumers crave, while enabling the powerful, next-generation visual experiences that can set you apart and help create a competitive advantage in a hyper-competitive market.

Enable the powerful visual computing experiences that your customers are looking for

  • Build PCs for next-generation applications enabled by AMD's ongoing APU programming collaboration with the ISV community
  • Deliver a superior visual experience that can set your products apart from the competition
  • Leverage the AMD Radeon™ design DNA for discrete-level graphics in a single-chip PC

Deliver PCs in today's sleek, modern form factors

  • Configure systems in the form factors and designs that consumers want, from ultrathin and mainstream notebooks to all-in-one desktops
  • Extend real-world battery life without compromising the visual experience

Extend a better experience across more price bands

  • Deliver lower-cost systems that still meet growing demand for high-definition computing capabilities
  • Reach a broader audience by pairing an excellent experience with desirable form factors -at an affordable price
  • Develop mainstream performance systems for a lower cost -to help you create systems differentiated by high-margin add-ons within your existing price bands

Systems powered by AMD APUs

  • Includes AMD Catalyst™ Graphics driver, Vision Engine Control Center, and AMD’s driver for OpenCL™
  • Download free monthly updates that are designed to enable performance updates, new features and/or stability improvements

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