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It's you on photo? or It's about you?Twitter Malware

Twitter malware warning: It's you on photo? or It's about you?

Summary: A new piece of malware is spreading on Twitter by getting users to click on a link that allegedly features a photo of them. There is no such photo on the other end.

Twitter malware warning: It's you on photo? or It's about you?
Security researchers have discovered a new Twitter scam campaign that is spreading quickly across the social network by claiming to be a photo of the victim. Please be warned: there is no photo. There are, however, individuals very interested in putting the Blackhole exploit kit onto your computer (note: this is not the first time Twitter users are specifically being targeted, and it certainly won't be the last).
The malware uses at least two different messages to spread. Twitter searches for "It's you on photo?" and "It's about you?" show that the scam is still circulating widely.
As you can see in the screenshot above, the malicious tweets follow this pattern (please note that the cybercriminals can change the scam's wording as they please):
@[username] It's about you? http://[domain]/#[username].html
@[username] It's you on photo? http://[domain]/#[username].html

Soure on Kaspersky Lab by: ZDNET

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