Meet The Yankee

I posted  free ads on Angeles City Ads a Website that allow user to advertise for 1 month free i post my personal number.

Few days ago someone texted me. with a wrong grammar wrong spelling english I thought it was a Korean.

"Its that really true 1k Internet connection Unlimited for 1 yr? (VPN back then before G updates)

I show the message on my live in partner.. She said " Maybe that is a spammer or tripping you out."

I replied, Yes! where you from? are you a foreigner?

Yankee:"Yes!! I'm Black Yankee..from Balibago

Ok!.. Lets meet..

I replied, Where we can meet?

Yankee: Robinson KFC Tomorrow Morning!!

I replied, OK lets meet.

Then we meet.... I look around and  found someone that is a Black Man standing outside the KFC.He was very tall I'm just below his shoulder  "I look like a KID"

He talk to me and invite me to have a lunch in KFC .. he look so very hungry he ate 3 burgers

He show up his HP net book and a SmartBro kit ( a MF27) I'm selling a GLOBE VPN back then..
I said I will make your Smartbro open line so we can used the VPN.

After lunch.. We go to his house.. asked me where is my motor.
No.. I don't have a motor I just come her by commute. (Nose Bleeds)

So we go to his FX old but working Good Air condition..
Suddenly a Jeepney stop.. he start shouting F*** F*** F*** that jeepney !! to man sh***t  driver here..

I keep my mouth silent..

Then we arrive in his house.. it was a big house a High Tech House.
Door have a password and  CCTV camera. automatic Lights that detect Hot Object and turn the Light On!

In side the house start working with the Laptops and install my VPN . He saw my USB back Ground a Semi Naked Lady from "Dark angel"

He said, "Men Don't do that in my own house do you want my children see that.. Men I don't want my children to learn something like that.."

I said Sorry... It just a Wallpaper so I remove it.. and continue what im doing..

Finally.. I finish unlocked the MF627 modem and tested a VPN.. and it works!!

speedtest is about 2.3 Mbps faster than his WiFi  Digitel one.

He pay me 1k and says ,Do you repair computer?

I replied Yes!

 OK..I will call you if I want you to fix my computer..

That was my Personal Encounter with the Yankee.. I service his twice  I came back to Fix two laptops, He have 2 child, his wife is a Visaya .... He is a gentle man saying  f *** and S***  I understand that is just his expression.. And he really feed me Good Food.. :P

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