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My Second Eye Shopping @ SM City fo San Fernando

This I have a customer who want me to buy him a Wireless Router, He take my advice to  used CD RKING Wireless Router that only Php780.00 so I did buy him.

While Buying I look around on the 3rd floor some Item are new for me.

This one is a 3G Pocket WiFi a replacement for you Smart Bro or Globe Tattoo Broadband.
And its a OPEN-LINE so you can insert any Sim on it!!

This one a LED Light Bulb Technology that you can save up to 70%. only for Php250 and 1 Year Warranty!!

 Imagine that if you have 5 bulbs, each with 25watts that is  125watts!!.

While 5 LED Light Bulb is ONLY 5Watts each!! that is equals to1 bulbs that is 5 -1.

And a life expand of LED light is 52,000hrs.

My foreign customer that introduce to you as Yankee is using this light Bulbs

LED emits low heat so Bugs are not attracted on it so its also Less BUGS

Eco Friendly!!..

There 3 Earth Friendly Type of LED Technology in CD- Rking

Small  4watts



Now for Gadgets I visit this store..as the named Says...

I found WiFi Camera that I've posted days ago.. and I found them here..

Any comments? :P

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