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TIPS on Applying Internet Connection

TIPS on Applying Internet Connection.

1. Availability

Ask if which internet provider are available in your location, for broadband you can check your phone signal

2. Distance to their main server or Cell site.

 This is a very important to our internet connection speed. The shortest distance the better Bandwidth we can get and less pings. So if your to far to their main server or Cell site you can't receive the full length of your Bandwidth.

Distance you must have at least 2 to 3 kilometer away from their transmitter or server. Logic here longer cable reduce electric current.( all most Provider all ready upgrade to Fiber Optic Cables)

Wireless Broadband
 Signal Strength 90 to 100% and RSSI at least you have 50% for better link quality.

3. Promo

Check if there is any promo to avail for badget conscious .

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