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CD -R King CC Series CW-8196 WiFi Router Setup for Wimax BM622

CD  -R King CC Series  CW-8196 WiFi Router Setup for  Wimax BM622

 This is a tutorials for networking .Static Setting for old Wimax BM622 for CD - R king CW-8196

Price of the router is only P780.00

it's getting less price than other router brand before its P880.00

1.Type the IP on your browser and log-in   admin:admin

2. Go to WAN set all this  circle setting 1234.

 3. For LAN setting  you can change the default if you having log in problem on Wimax CPE.
Here I change them to so you log-in to your router  is not

4. WiFi Setup 
SSID stands for your AP name or WiFi Network name change CW-8196
PassPhrase is your password

Choose security option BOTH WPA TKIP * WPA2 AES so that all Gadgets can be supported. 
There is a issue that TKIP cannot be detected by some mobile device like Samsung android .

I have other tutorials on other Wimax BM622i


1 comment

ian said...

Do you have smartbro wimax internet?( the one on a mask)
Do you know if remote access works through them?
Ive set up ddns on the router (cdr king) but still cant connect
Any ideas?

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