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GPU and APU Issue on some Intel Core i3,i5,i7

graphics processing unit (GPU), also occasionally called visual processing unit (VPU)
The most common implementations of this are ATI's HyperMemory and Nvidia's TurboCache. 

I have customer who buy a HP i3 Windows 7, after 3 months system crush turn the screen into blue screen.

 Due to GPU  malfunction  Dual Video Processing  Unit with Intel and ATI radeon Graphics. 
AMD A-Series Accelerated Processor (APU) based PC with an AMD Radeon™ DirectX® 11 capable discrete graphics card.

Same issue on MacBook PRO with Intel HD Graphics  and NVIDIA GeForce. Nvidia coughed up $150,000,000 - $200,000,000 million because of this problem,

This is a real hardware failure for some UltraBook with Dual Video Processor

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