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Stranded in Flood 2012 in San Fernando

This is my experience today! I 'm stranded I can't go home in Sto.Tomas, from San Isidro the road is clear but in Del Rosario near in Intersection this is what I saw people are walking because no small vehicle can go across the flood.

I take a free ride from a truck the driver who volunteer to take us a ride in intersection..

Water can take you out!! water current is strong even if  water level is below your knee.

In intersection my sister text me that the flood in SAPA Sto.Tomas is below heads (halos lagpas tao)

I saw party place  water coming out like a small falls..

I decided to go back to San Isidro till the flood is cleared..at this moments having a HOT coffee. There is no storm but the rain didn't stop! PAGASA say by Thursday or Friday rainy weather will stop.

Just updated .. no more water in intersection..
In Dolores Elementary School you can see here the the wall has destroyed by flood..

Wheeler is the transportation and kalesa

In front of petron near  DIGITEL

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