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Be aware on Buying Secondhand Computer Set

We all want to have a  cheapest computer unit, but do you buy for?  A good looking computer but chicken inside ( i mean outside  like CPU casing ) or old look but monster inside. I have  many customer who buy a second hand computer but they are not worth the price when you look the specs. They thought they buy a new one because the outer side is brand new. The last customer who call me for checking up there PC, the seller say is 10,000 pesos but when I look the specs its only 3,500  or less  the specs is.

  • AMD sempron 1.8 something
  • 256 RAM drr
  • 80 Hard disk
  • CD rom
  • 32 MB video card

Is this a 10,000 pesos?  if you buy a brand new CPU with 10,000 pesos  the latest specs is..

  • AMD APU A6
  • 4 Gig DDR3
  • AMD motherboard built in video
  • 500 gig Hard disk
  • free keyboard and mouse
Look how far the specs is?..  If want to buy a second hand PC  ask someone who you trust and knowledgeable in computer specs.

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jamesclark said...

Great blog for aware on buying secondhand computer and mobile. Thank for providing the information.

jamesclark said...

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