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How to Get a FREE Visa ATM in the Philippines

This tutorial teach you how to Get a   FREE Visa ATM Card.

1. First You must have site or Blog.

2. You  Need a Valid  ID for me I used  Postal ID
3. Go to cashsense  Register  in associate with complete address and Name.

4. After Register go to Download  Resource Center  select  a banner and put it on your  Site or blogs.

5. Go to your Email  compose a message attached a photo scan of your Valid ID

To: support@cashsense.com
Subject: Yes, send me my free Cashsense VISA ATM card

Dear Cashsense,

Please forward a free VISA ATM card to me. I have displayed a linked banner at:http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/

I understand that Cashsense is required, under BSP guidelines, to have documented card holder's details. I am pleased to attach a copy of an official ID and acknowledge that I will sign the customer information record (CIR) which the courier will present upon card delivery. (or please contact Customer Support on 813 3366 for further assistance).

Thank you

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