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VIP MAC Look Up Exploit

For VIP Mac hunter this trick  might help you..

Default Domain Is @globelines.com.ph 

Vip Mac = @globetel.com.ph

Wee are Looking for NAIglobetel.com.ph  or other NAI domain

NOTE: some are ordinary MAC and Ordinary Domain but they have a speed of 8MB

Domain Sample

Sample or Series with a 8MB


1.Tools you need..Wimax Scavenger  or Wimax Tools by Cherles
You can find them here just search.

2.Scan  LIVE IP

3.Open Browser  TYPE the IP you have Scan..

4.LOG IN as use: user

5. Click Check

If you don't find the CHECK in the GUI  add html/management/check.asp on IP

 Sometime you get lucky finding this with user I and password.

 Use the VIP   MAC log in as admin 

- Gui Settings  change this in security
- Nai Domain > globetel.com.ph 
- User Id Domain > globetel.com.ph


NOTE: It defends on LOCATION "VIP MAC" are usually  for company or corporate used. If your in a City you can find them.

You might also  check this tuts : http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=846259

My VIP MAC and my Tools

 My VIP Mac on IDM

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victorio said...

sir ask lng ung sa step 4 log in as user ung pass den po ba user den?

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