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How to Change BM622i Wimax Mac via SPI Flasher

This tutorial for Wimax BM622i modem you need a know how in hex and electronics, you need also a hot air tools. Change MAC using LPT Flasher and dump files and SPI Program, There are humor that Bm622i is similar to xbox 360.

Always Check this Post for Updates.. 


To protect the Spansion

Create a Homemade Flasher

Here is the SPI circuit You can buy parts in electronics shop like ALEXAN you won't spend 200 pesos. 
some trouble with try 2 use 74hc244 na ic,,groun pin#1&10 nad remove pullup resistor. To learn about LPT Flasher  asked Google

Connect your  Flasher on LPT (Parallel Port)

New PC  motherboard don't have parallel port
I find CD RKING  PCI Parallel Card for 280 pesos.


Run SPI program   Calibrate then Select Device family Spansion 

NOTE: Win7 Change compatibility to XP you may have BLUE SCREEN

Click ID to test in your Flasher read your IC

 Read your Device You can save your dump file here

 You need to find  your MAC WAN in offset here you must know how to use HEX  and chance value.
The finishd PCB in action, just remember to erase the chip first before re-programming, it works best that way...

Find your MAC and EDIT

  Supported chips (and possibly others) :
  • AMIC:
  • A25L05PU/PT (64kB)
  • A25L10PU/PT (128kB)
  • A25L20PU/PT (256kB)
  • A25L40PU/PT (512kB)
  • A25L80PU/PT (1MB)
  • A25L16PU/PT (2MB)
  • A25L32PU/PT (4MB)
  • A25L64PU/PT (8MB)
  • A25L512 (64kB)
  • A25L010 (128kB)
  • A25L020 (256kB)
  • A25L040 (512kB)
  • A25L080 (1MB)
  • Atmel:
  • AT26DF041 (512kB)
  • AT26DF081A (1MB)
  • AT26DF161A (2MB)
  • AT26DF321 (4MB)
  • EON:
  • EN25P16 (2MB)
  • EN25P32 (4MB)
  • EN25P64 (8MB)
  • EN25P128 (16MB)
  • EN25F16 (2MB)
  • EN25F32 (4MB)
  • EN25F64 (8MB)
  • EN25F128 (16MB)
  • Macronix:
  • MX25L1005 (128kB)
  • MX25L2005 (256kB)
  • MX25L4005 (512kB)
  • MX25L8005 (1MB)
  • MX25L1605 (2MB)
  • MX25L3205 (4MB)
  • MX25L6405 (8MB)
  • Spansion:
  • S25FL004A (512kB)
  • S25FL008A (1MB)
  • S25FL016A (2MB)
  • S25FL032A (4MB)
  • S25FL064A (8MB)
  • S25FL128P (16MB)
  • SST:
  • SST25VF010 (128kB)
  • SST25VF020 (256kB)
  • SST25VF040 (512kB)
  • SST25VF080 (1MB)
  • SST25VF016 (2MB)
  • SST25VF032 (4MB)
  • SST25VF064 (8MB)
  • SST25VF128 (16MB)
  • SST26VF016 (2MB)
  • SST26VF032 (4MB)
  • SST26VF064 (8MB)
  • ST Microelectronic:
  • M25P10 (128kB)
  • M25P20 (256kB)
  • M25P40 (512kB)
  • M25P80 (1MB)
  • M25P16 (2MB)
  • M25P32 (4MB)
  • M25P64 (8MB)
  • M25P128 (16MB)
  • Winbond:
  • W25X10 (128kB)
  • W25X20 (256kB)
  • W25X40 (512kB)
  • W25X80 (1MB)
  • W25X16 (2MB)
  • W25X32 (4MB)
  • W25X64 (8MB)

 UPDATE!! Flasher Version

This one no need to remove the Spansion chip

A Ultra Fast USB flasher!!

LPT Simple version 
8x or more (thin) wires. The chip had 8 pins after all.
- 8x pins (taken from unused LPT cable)
- 1x 3V CR2302 battery
- 1x 1000uF capacitor
- 8x 100ohms resistor (Use appropriate value - depends on your LPT port output impedance and wiring parameters)

Nadar Gator Version
 added a voltage regulator to power it directly from USB port, a switch and some LED indicators .. the extra 3 pin white-connector you see is  to get +5VDC & +3.3VDC directly out (optional)

 Darwin bagsik  version!!


Professional Quality USB SPI Programmer with SOIC8 Adapter!

Read more Baklas kabit : http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=857495

Updated USB SPI Programer Software:

Download USBSPI Skip ads


#If you want to buy SPI Flasher Ready to USED..

Check kasamiko USB type thread http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=859776

Check SPIflash LPT type thread http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=877589

 622 and 626

IF you have any dump file there like 2010  share it here lets help each other.
working copy ng bm622 wan data
Download Now


Download bm622i 2011
click here

Download Bm622i 2010
click here



Roy Viajedor said...

D ko ma get's ang ma nga diagram walang value kong mag kano na ohms 33R lang naka lagay at yung ma nga Voltage nang capacitor sana 2longan u ako

john rena said...

boss anu volts ng capacitor?

susan cruz said...

hi sino my alAM mah reconect ng bm622i?

susan cruz said...

sino may alam pano ko pa mhahamit ung bm622i ko?

susan cruz said...

sa mga gusto magpareconnect txt nyo po ako 09167129620

susan cruz said...

@Roy Viajedor

txt me i can help you

susan cruz said...

@Roy Viajedor
no ko

Raymond Lagahan said...

sir ano po ba advantage ng pagpapa-spi flash kaysa sa pag papalit ng mac using programs?

maynard reyes said...

ano po password ng rar. nung usb flasher

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