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Adding Bank Account to Paypal Using Payoneer

Did you know that you can receive payments from select US corporations, such as PayPal, Amazon, Apple, Google, and more, directly to your Payoneer card?
Payoneer’s US Payment Service provides you with a US account and routing number, which can be used to receive US ACH transfers from multiple US corporations on our white list of approved senders.

 How it works?

To view your US Payment Service details, in addition to a full list of approved senders, simply sign in to your My Account page and select “US Payment Service” from the “Services” menu.

 After activate your US Payment Service  Go to your PayPal Account

Fill up the form  with the information you have in your Payoneer account.

Check your email if you receive notification.

Withdraw Funds Fees:

 Get $25 when you sign up @Payoneer w/ my link. Available to over 200 countries worldwide! 

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