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BM622 Protection Remote Fix (NEW)

 BM622 Protection Remote Fix

  • - No annoying Pop-Ups, no CMDs, 
  • - pure CLI Emulation, all functions happens in the app.
  • - you are always aware if you are protected or not by peeking on the indicator.
  • - No need to manually check your webui on the browser if it is really offline, the app will do the checking for you.
  • - No need to manually check your telnet if it is accessable or not.
  • - if you only disabled WebUI and CWMP you can take advantage of the Reboot button so you wont be standing on your sit just to reboot your device (Reboot wont work if CLI is disabled)
  • - Remote Protect, pwede nyong iProtect yung mga wimax nyo kahit na wala kayo sa bahay basta dala nyo lang yung app sa laptop nyo. Pwede nyo rin protect wimax ng friends nyo sa malayo. 
  • - Simple one click buttons, tapos may indicator pa para malaman mo if nagwork ba talaga yung protection o hindi.
  • - Pinger, pwede nyo i adjust yung pagitan o interval nung ping request
  • - no need to edit complicated scripts just to change settings, kasi lahat dito input at click lang ang need mo.


Disable WebUI - walang makaka access sa Webpage ng Wimax mo, sa makatuwid hindi nila makokopya Mac address mo o hindi nila ma eedit settings mo. (Wont work if CLI is disabled first)

Disable CWMP - Hindi makaka konek sayo yung ISP (Internet Service Provider) mo para i remote config yung wimax mo. (Wont work if CLI is disabled first)

Disable CLI - (Command-Line Interface) walang makaka access sa CLI mo. CLI ang pinaka delikado sa lahat, kapag na access ng iba pwede nilang sirain wimax mo through Telnet, SSH, etc.

1ClickProtection - Disable WebUI, CWMP and CLI all in one click. Kung gusto mo idisable lahat for more security.

Signal Sniffer - Finds the nearest and strongest signal available in your area. (Wont work if CLI is disabled first)

Reboot - Restart your Wimax. (Wont work if CLI is disabled first)

Click "Check Status" button to verify each changes that have been made to your device. 
Example: i clicked "Disable WebUI" and then i clicked "Check Status", you may notice that the status of the CPE may change its color to red and caption to offline which is what we want to happen to the specific function.
*Tip 2
If you only want your Webui and remote config disabled so you can still access your telnet then, don't touch the "Disable CLI" and "1ClickProtection".
then check the status if CPE is Offline with red backround and your telnet Online with green background then it is successful.
*Tip 3
Remote Protect
Just simply put the Wimax's ip address on the telnet settings
but what if he/she has a different user and password? then, just change the default user and pass to what is required or what he/she use (ask them for their telnet user and pass).
Remote Protect may take some time to connect specially if you have a slow broadband connection.

Download here:


Henry Sison said...

if ever na naka one click protection na ang wimax pwede rin ba syang ibalik sa unprotect kasi wala akong nakikitang option para ma unprotect sya sa program na ito BM622 Protection Remote Fix

Anonymous said...

@Henry Sison

Pwede mo i close yung program or unclick then reboot mo lang modem mo back to normal yan

mamerto sumodlayon said...

boss pano kung naka router ka?

ulrico said...

sir diko magamit ang software po... unhandled exception has occured in your application... cannot create active x component daw.

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