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BM622i - 50 pesos or less mac change tuts- dBUG

dbug release his year end tutorial on how to change MAC ADD on BM622i Wimax modem for public. You will spend only 50 pesos for the hardware (SPI Flasher/LPT).

Download the rar file that include:
  • BM622i bin 2010
  • bm622i_public pdf file full tutorial
  • X-Ways.WinHex.v15.9.SR-7
  • SPI FlashROM Programmer 1.9c

SPI FlashROM Programmer 1.9c

SPIPGM      - binary for Linux
SPIPGM.EXE  - binary for DOS/Win9x
SPIPGMW.EXE - binary for Win9x/NT/2k/XP
IOPERM.DLL  - low-level HW access library for Win9x/NT/2k/XP/Vista/7(NoUAC)

Version 1.7+ has improved LPT port handling resulting in 1,6x faster reading

SPI FlashROM supported:

A25L05PU/PT (64kB)
A25L10PU/PT (128kB)
A25L20PU/PT (256kB)
A25L40PU/PT (512kB)
A25L80PU/PT (1MB)
A25L16PU/PT (2MB)
A25L32PU/PT (4MB)
A25L64PU/PT (8MB)
A25L512 (64kB)
A25L010 (128kB)
A25L020 (256kB)
A25L040 (512kB)
A25L080 (1MB)

AT26F004 (512kB)
AT26DF041 (512kB)
AT26DF081A (1MB)
AT26DF161A (2MB)
AT26DF321 (4MB)

EN25P16 (2MB)
EN25P32 (4MB)
EN25P64 (8MB)
EN25P128 (16MB)
EN25F20 (256kB)
EN25F40 (512kB)
EN25F80 (1024B)
EN25F16 (2MB)
EN25F32 (4MB)
EN25F64 (8MB)
EN25F128 (16MB)

F25L004A (512kB)
F25S04PA (512kB)
F25L08PA (1024B)
F25L16PA (2MB)
F25L32PA (4MB)
F25L32QA (4MB)

MX25L1005 (128kB)
MX25L2005 (256kB)
MX25L4005 (512kB)
MX25L8005 (1MB)
MX25L1605 (2MB)
MX25L3205 (4MB)
MX25L6405 (8MB)

Pm25LV512A (64kB)
Pm25LV010A (128kB)
Pm25LV020 (256kB)
Pm25LV040 (512kB)
Pm25LV080B (1MB)
Pm25LV016B (2MB)
Pm25LV032B (4MB)
Pm25LV064B (8MB)

S25FL004A (512kB)
S25FL008A (1MB)
S25FL016A (2MB)
S25FL032A (4MB)
S25FL064A (8MB)
S25FL128P (16MB)

SST25VF010 (128kB)
SST25VF020 (256kB)
SST25VF040 (512kB)
SST25VF080 (1MB)
SST25VF016 (2MB)
SST25VF032 (4MB)
SST25VF064 (8MB)
SST25VF128 (16MB)
SST26VF016 (2MB)
SST26VF032 (4MB)
SST26VF064 (8MB)
SST25VF064C (8MB)

ST Microelectronic:
M25P10 (128kB)
M25P20 (256kB)
M25P40 (512kB)
M25P80 (1MB)
M25P16 (2MB)
M25P32 (4MB)
M25P64 (8MB)
M25P128 (16MB)

W25Q10 (128kB)
W25Q20BV (256kB)
W25Q40BV (512kB)
W25Q80BV (1MB)
W25Q16BV (2MB)
W25Q32BV (4MB)
W25Q64BV (8MB)
W25Q128BV (16MB)
W25X10 (128kB)
W25X20 (256kB)
W25X40 (512kB)
W25X80 (1MB)
W25X16 (2MB)
W25X32 (4MB)
W25X64 (8MB)

Download from Google Drive 
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Download from RapidShare
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Download from Mediafire
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Origin: http://www.symbianize.com/

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