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Globe Tattoo EchoLife Huawei HG521 ADSL WiFi Router

 The New Globe Tattoo  Huawei HG521 ADSL WiFi Router

Huawei HG521: Router Design and Aesthetics
The upright design of the Huawei HG521 Router is a commendable aspect. It may not look ultra-modern but its simplicity is the reason why most people are not intimidated to use it. Because it stands vertically, it is easier to find the right spot where the router can be placed. It can be put right beside the desktop computer monitor or in a small corner. Its measurement is only 118.4mm x 90.3mm x 40.4 mm.
The power button is easily accessible too. It is found in the top surface of the router so turning it on and off is quick and easy. The indicator lights are strategically placed on the left side of the router’s interface too. Hence, a quick glance is enough to see if the connections are working fine.
Attaching the cables to the router is easy too. The left side of the router is where all ports are located so there is no problem about tangled cables.

Huawei HG521: LAN Connection Ports
The Huawei HG521 Router is recommended for use in homes because of the limitation in the number of computers which can be connected to it for cabled internet. It has only one ADSL port for the RJ-11. It is geared with one LAN port.

Huawei HG521: Router Performance and Functions
The edge of Huawei HG521 Router over other routers which  Globe Tattoo provides to their customers is that this functions for different data link protocol. It is backwards compatible for 802.11b and 802.11g. For people who would like to utilize the latest standard, this router is designed to function even for the latest 802.11n.
 Globe Tattoo is known for delivering uninterrupted and strong connection signal. Hence, it is necessary to have a router which would not slow down the impressive services of the company. With the use of this router, there is no need to worry that the service being provided by  Globe Tattoo might not be used extensively. Since it functions on 802.11g standard, the connection speed is stable and there are no lags. This router is also good enough for more complex online tasks like downloading, gaming and media streaming.

Speed Test

Huawei HG521: Router Speed
The main reason why Huawei HG521 Router do not cause speed problems is because of its commendable capacity. Of course, the data speed will vary according to the package that the customer availed from  Globe Tattoo but this router can reach 24 Mbps as its maximum modem bit rate. The great performance is also attributed to the 300 Mbps data bit rate.

Huawei HG521: Available Connection Types
There are two ways on how this router can be used for internet connection—cabled and wireless. Some people are having difficulty in connecting wirelessly after setting up the cabled connection. What they do not realize is that, setting up the wireless connection needs to be done after the cables are all up and running. A separate wireless connection account needs to be created to enable the wifi.
The router initially has the default username and password which will be used before the personal setting preferences of the users can be fixed. Management of the setting and feature changes can be done using the web based configuration.
Since the router has an activated Quick Start feature, users would have a step by step guide on how the connections can be made. No more reading of manuals and hiring professional I.T guys just to create both cabled and wireless connections.

Huawei HG521: Built-in Security
LAN connection does not involve much security issues but wireless connection requires impenetrable block against hackers. The good thing about Huawei HG521 Router is that it is geared with WPA (Wi-Fi Protection Access) support. This is among the latest security features that routers these days have. WPA is pretty much like a password which is required before a computer or gadget is able to tap the wireless connection. So long as the alpha-numeric password is known only by legitimate users, there is no need to worry that someone else who is within the Wi-Fi range can use the signal.

 Globe Tattoo GUI  Interface Access IP: (type this on your web browser)

 Globe Tattoo LOG IN ACCOUNT:
Default user: user
Default password: user

"Secret" Globe Admin password:
Go to
User : Admin
Pass : 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e

When Globe Tattoo  provides the Huawei HG521 Router along with their package, it still has the standard settings for username and passwords. To ensure the security of the connection, users need to change these details through the configuration window. Change the default password and specify the username for increased security. This modem can be access remotely port 80 is open on WAN.


Ralph S said...

I have a globe dsl bundle connection, 2mbps. I also have the echolife hg521 router provided by globe. Wired connection is excellent with my pc and have no problems with speed, whatsoever. But wifi connection is my headache. I get intermittent connection, dropping, time outs... When downloading, streaming, watching youtube or other video sites, and even uploading photos to fb. Im using my iphone to connect to wifi and i experience this problem all the time. I cant even dl from appstore with a good speed. Same goes with ipad and android devices i tried. Not sure about laptops i havent tried it yet. I wonder if the router itself has the issue or the devices i used. I often reset network settings on my iphone just to refresh the device but still i get the same problem. My friend who also has a globe dsl and same router experiences this problem too. He assumed its the router that has the issue because he has he same problem with wifi on his iphone and ipad. He tried connecting a diff router and turned off hg521's wireless option. He said he gets a more stable wifi connection by doing so...

Melger said...

Ralph S.

we have the same issue. i have no problems accessing internet using LAN Cable but connecting my iPAD using wifi is not satisfactory. The connections is very slow.

Vince Luzon said...

I have 3 mbps speed tier from Globe and have been using the Huawei HG521 with no problems on hardwired connection however it looks like I'm getting the same problem with the wireless connection. I have a laptop and an iphone and i've been getting intermittent and relatively slow connection thru wifi. I believe it's really on the router. I tried to bridge a linksys router and it worked pretty good.

Kristelle Elaine Linawan said...

Pano po magpalit ng password... nung ginamit ko po yung user:user and pass:user di po siya nag log in...

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