How to Change Wimax Mac Add Remote

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I so some asking how to remote here uncle's modem he want to  destroyed it ,That can done easy for old  Wimax firmware  2009 and 2010 Package date. You can also grab the legit user modem identity  Mac and Serial and change it to other value and soon


1. IP Trace
You must know what is the IP address of your victim. or used  Wimax tools  already post here.

Note: If you can access personally or look at your own IP just click WAN
 in Status

Open your Browser  type your victim IP. and log in as user :user  password:user and get  the WAN MAC and ID device , used Password Generator to generate  admin user password.

 3. Enable WAN
If you already have admin password log in a user:admin  password:(password generated from WAN MAC) . Go to Advanced ->ACL-> check ALL box in WAN  then click apply.

NOTE: By click WAN enable is vulnerable to Firmware Destroy so we need to edit config File user.

4. Editing config file.
Now Click Device -> click Advance ->click Download Default

5. Change config user
Open the downloadcarconfigfile.conf   with notepad or wordpad edit user to level 2 , You can edit also TELNET user if you want . but that is an option.
Readmore about editing config

We edit config for security reason avoid the firmware destroyer.

6.Upload Config
 After  editing upload the edited config file.

Run telnet space IP address of the victim modem. here you can  do what your want in the modem like changing Wimax Mac and soon..

Log in : wimax
Pasword: wimax820

Here you can  do what your want in the modem like changing Wimax Mac and soon..
Read more how to change MAC and Serial .


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pepito mallari said...

panu po malalaman ang mac adress ng nscan if ip lng nkalitaw??

pepito mallari said...

panu po maoopen ang wimax if ip lng nkuha mo s pag scan??

pepito mallari said...

ask ko nscan aq pro ip lng..mac en serial is not available..panu po un maaccess??