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How to fix ERROR on Comment Reply

Hello! co bloggers,  have you experience replying someone comment in your post and  you receive error saying you should delete cookies and try again. I have the same problem , when I change my blog template. The problem is in the template blog ID which is not belong to you.

Where to find your Blog ID?
Simple just log in your blogger ID then go to your Blog loo to your navigation toolbar

Just like in this photo, you can see your post ID to here.

Copy your blog ID save it in Notepad.

Go to you Template - Edit HTML - Expand Widget, then CTRL+F find all blog ID replace your own blog ID, *you can find 2 blog ID there.

then Save test your comment reply



Geoffrey Ledesma said...

Wow, many thanks! This has been my problem since I used a new template and your solution worked wonders!

Checked out my site if you can, I've been replying to comments now..lol: http://geoffreview.blogspot.com

Jaime Lacson said...

@Geoffrey Ledesma

Tnx for the visit I'm glad i help you . I just read your safe heaven review ^^

Adrian Lucernas said...

Thanks its working fine on my blog www.bloggerheroe.com

Frederick Luneta said...

Thank you very much, it solved my problem my blog comments are ok now Watch The Girl He Met Online 2014

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