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Wimax Blank CPE Gui Solution

Blank Wimax CPE GUI happen when you switch fro other Wimax  modem LOG IN CPE. If experience this and think you have a blank WAN or Broken Firmware your wrong!

In this case I switch from BM622i LOG-IN then I tried to open BM622  and  i got Wimax WEB Gui Interface BLANK!!.

How to fix this? Its simple clear the Browser Cache. The same  solution for user can't log in and no Error message pop out  just like it refresh the page and log in again but no CPE GUI WEB INTERFACE.

After cleared the Cache all back to normal.

You can used Software Optimizer like CCleaner that delete unwanted file and clean your PC.

You can download it here:
CCleaner Professional + Business Edition 3.22.1800_Crack

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