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Windows Blue: Codename Windows 9 in 2013

Microsoft prepares Windows Blue, replacing Windows 8 is supposed to come out in 2013 at a significantly lower price or be free, according to information obtained by The Verge.
This information contradicts the roadmap that has leaked last year. Microsoft has decided to meet the annual cycles of Android, iOS and OS X. It is expected in mid-2013.
Windows Blue introduce changes to the interface and an SDK that would require developers to write applications for the new operating system. Windows 8 compatible software will run on it, according to rumors, but the rules should be changed inside Store which will request that submitted applications manage Windows Blue necessarily at the time of its release.

Windows Blue could keep the name of Windows 8. This is information that a little surprised, but not without reason. We imagine that Microsoft will try to limit confusion among consumers who have a habit of changing versions with every new machine.

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