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Zip and Rar File to Self Extracting .Exe

How to convert  your ZIP or RAR file to self extract .EXE file using free WinRar. This is very useful if you send a file and worry about the recipient "Know How "to extract it. SO why convert it to self extracting file. If you have big file you can cut it into MB size too.

Here's Blogmytuts Step by Step Tutorial.

1. Open the WinRAR.exe Program Click Wizard.

You can DOWNLOAD FREE WinRAR  -->click HERE

2. Select Create anew archive

3. Choose your RAR or Zip File to convert.

4.You can Change the Archive name if not just click NEXT.

 5. Choose Archiving options here you can also split or cut it to several part if you have big files.

 6. Done Creating Archive.

 Here the output .exe file done!!

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