Upgrading Huawei Wimax Bm622i Firmware 2010 to 2011

I have no idea what to to this day   so Im thinking upgrading my 2010 bm622i Package Date to 2011.

UPS: Notice my browser respond faster before and it not hang even i have several tab..
DOWN: Because of its high security level some sites  like https are having error on port 80 or Apache server.

Warning: You should done this with laptops and with a UPS or make sure no power interrupt, if upgrade failed you modem will be damage and result you will need to flash it.

Globe Wimax Upgrade

From B025 to B030

 Unplug your Modem then plug it again

After you see this pics below click modem reboot

Check the WEB Interface

Login sa modem
user:  user
Pass: 0SlO051O

 Other Trick if you want to used VIP mac using  user account only..
login as user first BM622I 2011 click the fallowing link <- Frequency<- Nai, User & Password and Domain<- ALG Settings

Other admin  link added
 just paste  after

Admin_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Status'));
Admin_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device0'));
Admin_0_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device1'),'../status/deviceinfo.asp');
Admin_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'));
Admin_0_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Status0'),'../status/internetstatus.asp');
Admin_0_2 = new MenuItem(eval('LAN'));
Admin_0_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Internet'),'../status/internet.asp');
Admin_0_3 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
Admin_0_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIP0'),'../status/voipinfo.asp');
Admin_0_4 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAX'));
Admin_0_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAXStatus'),'../wimax/estate.asp');
Admin_0_4_1 = new MenuItem(eval('ScanInfo'),'../wimax/scanInfo.asp');
Admin_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Basic'));
Admin_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'));
Admin_1_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'),'../ntwkall/wan.asp');
Admin_1_1 = new MenuItem(eval('LAN'));
Admin_1_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('DHCP'),'../ntwkall/dhcp.asp');
Admin_1_2 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
Admin_1_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIpAccount'),'../voip/sipbasic.asp');
Admin_1_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIpServer'),'../voip/sipserver.asp');
Admin_1_2_2 = new MenuItem(eval('SpeedDial'),'../voip/sipspeeddial.asp');
Admin_2 = new MenuItem(eval('Advanced'));
Admin_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('FireWall'));
Admin_2_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('FireWall'),'../security/firewall.asp');
Admin_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('NAT'));
Admin_2_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('ALG'),'../application/alg.asp');
Admin_2_1_1 = new MenuItem(eval('DMZ'),'../application/dmz.asp');
Admin_2_1_2 = new MenuItem(eval('PortMapping'),'../application/portmapping.asp');
Admin_2_1_3 = new MenuItem(eval('PortTrigger'),'../application/porttrigger.asp');
Admin_2_2 = new MenuItem(eval('QoS'));
Admin_2_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('QoS'),'../network/qos.asp');
Admin_2_3 = new MenuItem(eval('VLAN'));
Admin_2_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VLAN'), '../network/vlan.asp');
Admin_2_4 = new MenuItem(eval('SNTP'));
Admin_2_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('SNTP'),'../ntwkall/sntp.asp');
Admin_2_5 = new MenuItem(eval('CWMP'));
Admin_2_5_0 = new MenuItem(eval('TR069'),'../network/tr069.asp');
Admin_2_6 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
Admin_2_6_0 = new MenuItem(eval('SipAdvanced'),'../voip/sipadvanced.asp');
Admin_2_6_1 = new MenuItem(eval('VoiceCodec'),'../voip/sipvoicecodec.asp');
Admin_2_6_2 = new MenuItem(eval('Voice'),'../voip/voiceadvanced.asp');
Admin_3 = new MenuItem(eval('Maintain'));
Admin_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device0'));
Admin_3_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Reset'),'../management/reset.asp');
Admin_3_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Firmware'),'../management/firmware.asp');
Admin_3_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Diagnose'));
Admin_3_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Diagnose'),'../management/diagnose.asp');
Admin_3_2 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG'));
Admin_3_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG'),'../management/logcfg.asp');
Admin_3_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG0'),'../management/logview.asp');
Admin_4 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAX'));
Admin_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Security'));
Admin_4_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Security'),'../wimax/security.asp');
Admin_4_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Certificate'),'../wimax/certificate.asp');
Admin_4_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Scanset'));
Admin_4_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Scanset'),'../wimax/scanset.asp');
Admin_5 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'',false);
Admin_5_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'',false);
Admin_5_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'../wizard/wizard.asp');
Admin_6 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'',false);
Admin_6_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'',false);
Admin_6_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'/lang/help_content.html');  

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papm naman ng 2 to 3 mbps lang salamat

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sir yung upgrader dko makita yung link para madownload..