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I been seeing this new Ad Network from blog and forum they say  this is much better than Nuffnang it will Be the next to Google Adsense in Asia.

Ambient Digital is another Ad Network in Southeast Asia. It was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is also the leading Ad Network in Vietnam.

Ambient Digital provides a wide range of online marketing services including Ad Network, Search Marketing (SEM), Social Marketing and other Online Marketing Solutions.

Advertisers can increase their online exposure by leveraging Ambient Digital's massive database of over 2,000 websites along with expert advice and patented technology.  Superior service combined with market leading innovative technology, allows advertisers and publishers to acquire and retain new customers, drive sales and increase profit.

 Their  ads clients include prominent local, regional and global companies operating businesses of various sizes throughout Vietnam.

I found  a post from writersoutlook.com for Pinoy Blogger my WebWatch as of now.

Here is th post origin writersoutlook.com

Finally, Ambient Digital is now in the Philippines. Filipino bloggers can be a publisher but until now there is no dedicated website for applying that is why I seek way to apply. But before that please read the requirements below, Ambient Digital is also strict than other.

Publisher Requirements
* Publisher needs to have least 2,000 visits per day (based on Google Analytics).
* Publisher should have good and frequently updated content.
* Publisher must not violate any regulation of content publishing regulated by the Philippine laws.
* Publisher is hosted by its own domain. Free domains are not allowed to join Ambient Ad Network.

Now, if your blog meets the requirements let us go to on how to apply. As I said that there is no dedicated website for Ambient Digital Philippines, we apply through their main website and we only have to do is use their contact page. Just state their that you want to apply on their Ad Network as a residence of Philippines. Ambient Digital Vietnam will forward your message to their representative(s) here.

Since I tried to apply, I will give the contact of the Publisher manager of Ambient Digital Philippines.

Charisse M. Domingo
Publisher Manager
Email: cha.domingo@
Mobile: +(63917) 5659394
Globe Duo: +(632) 6231579
Skype: cha.domingo

Another requirements are any valid government IDs for evidence of identity.

 More About them visit: http://ambientdigital.com.vn

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