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Albert Einstein: Hitman Extraordinaire

Albert Einstein: Hitman Extraordinaire

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education .
Education is a process of wasting half of our life to learn how to waste remaining half of our life. 
-Albert Einstein..

A single examination cannot determine a student's ability in a particular subject.
If a student scores less, it means that s/he needs more guidance or needs to put in more effort.
Making students repeat an academic year because they have flunked the final examination is a wrong practice.

A student may not be able to grasp concepts because of the teaching pedagogy and a one-on-one discussion can help identify the weaknesses. 

The system should be flexible enough to allow students to drop a subject if they are not interested in it. Clearly, if a student keeps failing in a particular subject, it implies that s/he has no aptitude or inclination for the same.
A multipronged strategy needs to be in place where all students should receive personalised attention and case-specific guidance. 

Flexible systems that are in-sync with a student's interest and abilities can help tap a student's potential better.

Failing in a subject or an examination is clearly not the end of life. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. It is extremely important that our educational system recognises this.
 Its never to late to learned  little learning is dangerous if you innovate you need little tweak  to feed your mind.
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