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How to access bm622 unknown User ID (edited config,forgot password,remote victim,error telnet login)

Blogmytuts  tutorial  for a bm622 with unknown user ID included edited user web gui and  telnet user.

This are the fallowing problem with a edited config.

Error  on default user log in:
 The default user for bm622 are:

2010 below

2011 to 2012
password:0SlO051O   (used keyboard shortcut copy paste for these)

Error on  Telnet User Log-in
The default user for wimax telnet
2010 below
pass :wimax820

2011 up:
user: Firefly
pass: $P4mb1h1r4N4m4nT0!!

To fix this problem is easy  for user level 1  the trick here is using a cmd networking command.
1.Connect your modem directly to your PC LAN
2.Open a CMD
3.Type arp -a
4.get the mac for
5. Minus  -1 for the Mac that you see.
Lan Mac: 00:25:68:31:08:21   minus  -1
WAN MAC: 00:25:68:31:08:20

Question:  why minus 1?
Answer: the mac you see there is a LAN Mac of your Modem therefore we need to minus -1 to get the WAN Mac :)

6. Generate a password

NOTE: pwede din yung teknik na minus -1  sa Package Date 2011   generate ka ng admin
Serial+Mac na nakuha mo sa minus 1 

You can Download the 2011 Admin Password Generator  
Here:  http://www.blogmytuts.net/2013/12/admin-password-generator-for-huawei.html

7. log in as  admin  download the advance configfile ,open  carconfigfile with a notepad or wordpad.

 There you can see what is your  telnet user:pass  and web gui  user:pass
 Sample here:
Vince pahiram

Note: you can upload working  config there

 You can visit my post about editing the config here:

For Older Firmware BM622
Login on telnet or ssh type :

Alternative View the Admin Password works for bm622
ATP>cmd display_b

This is another example that I solve the Unknown Telnet User with the combination tricks above:


Hit like if this solve your problem.

How to access bm622 Package Date 2011 unknown User ID (edited config,forgot password,remote victim,error telnet login)

For 2011 Firmware

1.Punta tayo ng Putty, type in port 22
SSH yan ah hindi telnet 

Bakit SSH? dahil SSH ang naka default naka OPEN

You might also like:

2.Sign in as Login: Firefly Pass:$P4mb1h1r4N4m4nT0!!

ATP> shell <enter>
> # cd var <enter>
cd var
> # cat curcfg.xml <enter>

3.Find This Copy your Susername and Userpassword (Yung naka RED Sample)

"InstanceID="1" Username="admin" Userpassword="c2FtcGxlcGFzc3dvcmRfZW5jcnlwdGVkX2NvcHlfbW9fZXRvX25hbmRpdG8="Userlevel1

4. Pumunta sa freewebsite base64 decode and encode

5.Ilagay yung Enecrypted password  click Decode

Eto na yung Password mo : samplepassword_encrypted_copy_mo_eto_nandito

6. Copy the Decoded password, then go to

 log in as User: admin  or kahit anung admin nakita mo duon sa shell.

Password: (Yung Decoded Password) 

NOTE : Kung Blank WAN na po kayo wala po password yan
Login as any user password wait nyo lumitaw yung error, then Type only this on your browser and Press Enter you already have  admin access

Pwede po eto sa 2008 2009 and 2011 Package date Bm622



Anonymous said...

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John Doe said...

Yes, finally napasok ko na din admin sa bm622 2011 ko. Ginawa ko nereset ko muna ang modem habang nakarun yong admin generator pass. Nadale din. Salamat

Zhielo Innocenti said...

paki explain po mabuti hindi ko po na getz pls.

Debbie01 said...

So what if e2 po ung last series ng mac 2E? pano po mg minus dyan?? saka how to know if ung bm622 mo ai upgraded to 2011?

Debbie01 said...

Na try ko na kasi gawing 2F and 2D ung last two series mali parin password.. pano di malalaman na upgraded ung bm622 mo to 2011? kabibili ko lang kasi dito tapos di ko ma access ung user at admin pati ung sa telnet di ko mapasok.. pa help po!

Debbie01 said...

2E kasi ung last two digit ng mac ko tapos na try ko na rin palitan ng 2D or 2F pero di ko parin ma access ung admin.. Pa help sana ako kasi kabibili ko lang dito at di ko ma access ung admin, user at telnet.. sana mei mka tulog saken..

Jaime Lacson said...

@Debbie01 iba po yung 2011 iba yung admin yan search mo lang d2 bm622 2011

Debbie01 said...

@Jaime Lacson

di po kasi yata to 2011 na model eh.. 2010 or below po ata to.. di ko kasi ma access ung user, admin pati telnet.. na try ko na arp -a kaso 2E ang last two series? pano mg -1 dyan? na try ko na 2F and 2D di parin gumagana ung password na na generate ko..

Debbie01 said...

di po kasi yata to 2011 na model eh.. 2010 or below po ata to.. di ko kasi ma access ung user, admin pati telnet.. na try ko na arp -a kaso 2E ang last two series? pano mg -1 dyan? na try ko na 2F and 2D di parin gumagana ung password na na generate ko..

Jaime Lacson said...

@Debbie01sabi ko hanapin nyo d2 yung pang 2011
ako pa mag google sayo?


vgchan2 said...

panu po kung "0" (zero) ung last digit? what would be the result?

Jaime Lacson said...


ang dali lang edi FF minus -1 ka padin

HEX may calc naman sa windows sci na calc.

esson said...

isa kang henyo sir tnx

- Windoors Inc - Computer Sales and IT Services

Ruth Reyes said...

sir help nmn po kung san panu makapaglog in sa gui ng wimax.. d kc mkapsok beneta lng skin to tas nung lumipat kmi ng haus d n mkaconnect.. tia po!!! pashare nmn po ng link

Ghie Panganiban said...

pa help naman po bm622-2012 po dko mapasok admin sa gui

Jaime Lacson said...

@Ghie Panganiban eto http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2013/12/admin-password-generator-for-huawei.html

Jacob said...

http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/09/wimax-config-patch-protection.html. Hit like if this solve your problem. How to access bm622 unknown ... mitfernbedienung.blogspot.de

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