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How Verify Paypal using Free Payoneer Card with in 24hrs

Tuts how to verify Paypal using Free Payoneer Card
First you must have Payoneer Card apply for any affiliates with Payoneer  you have like Infolinks , adf.ly,  Odesk etc..

Sample Card Visit : http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/10/infolinks-payoneer-master-card-free.html

If you already have you can verify Paypal using Free Payoneer Card with in 24hrs.
NOTE: Your Payoneer Card must have at list 3$


1. Log in your Paypal Account  go to profile click Add Card.

2. Fill up all Info's of your Card  (common sense)
TAKE NOTE:Billing address must be same on your Payoneer Billing

3. Paypal is Deducting 2$ from your Card  and send a  4 DIGIT CODE to verify ,this takes only 24hrs . After your PayPal has been verified you will get a refund Paypal Return the 2$ on your Card

4. With in 24hrs Log in to your  Payoneer Account  Views your Transaction Detail, you will see 4 digit code.

Example here:
PP-0433CODE      0433 is the code

5.Insert your Code in your Paypal Card

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