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Huawei Wimax BM622i Firewall and DNS Issue Review

I'm receiving message about BM622i Wimax  especially with Package Date 2011 unable to browse  https site like Facebook . Having trouble with DNS problem , error message in Internet Download Manager Software (IDM). Some are completely Unable to Browse even the status is connected through internet.

Here is my Huawei Wimax BM622i Firewall and DNS Issue  Review...

On DNS setting the default is  if you will receive error like this..

All you have to do is change your DNS to any public DNS like Google DNS  -  

If you have a router  set the DNS manualy  used public DNS

Fallow this image:

After Changing DNS  this is the result...

About the Modem Firewall must be  in LOW Level.

You can see in this image Medium level makes my ping in RED  making this HIGH is worst..

LOW  level Firewall  is   OK..

Hope you learned  about this post  Huawei Wimax BM622i Firewall and DNS Issue  Review.


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