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Fixing a computer with a BIO metrics for drug test

I  have customer  who own a clinic, she call me  up to repair their PC which they use for drug testing.

She want me to backup all the file and the software they use on their blood test, They used MSQL system to connect and upload record to   DOH server (DTO). The PC is allready repaired by other technician  3 times and they backup all file, But  the software or program  they cannot make it run so the the customer  allways go to Makati to reinstall the program 3 times.

The challenge here  is  I'm gonna make the system  or program run with no wipe-out  file or blood test records.

The DTO  biometrics system include:
USB Fingerprint Scanner w/ USB Dongle by DigitalPersona
A4tech Camera

DigitalPersona is the license product compatible with the system use by DOH   I think  its was 16,000 each.

I have no problem with all client record  because  its all on the MSQL  all I gonna do is copy  the MSQL by making the hard drive as a slave on other PC.

I back up 4 folders:
usb fingerprintscanner

After doing backup files  I reformat the PC  with a OEM windows XP. Then I reinstall programs the only problem i found is the driver for usb fingerprints scanner it should be blue light on when it work, I thought it was already include on the dongle so i download it on digitalpersona website.

Restore all backup in the folder  - I  run the computer on safe mode then copy paste all the file .
(you must run on safe mode to copy all file because you can't copy while the system is running)

Testing the system  require a internet connection at  first run , the problem is they use smartbro and  their is no connection  or the connection is to slow " pop out message  cannot establish connection to the server " so we test the pc on computer shop.

The system works !! the client was happy..

If Error occured when using Finger Print
res install driver at reactivate

Drugtest for applying driver license is currently remove  but if you now apply work this is one of the requirement now .


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