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How to create a group and share hard drive,printer, and file on Windows 7

Someone sent a message on me   and asking how to share a drive or folder on Windows 7,   unlike on Windows XP  it easy to create and share folder.

On Windows 7  you must use Home Network   not Public or Work , Public  is disabled all sharing option on Windows.

Sample Homegroup:

This is the Tutorial for simple networking on Windows Home Group

1.Creating a Home Network:

Password will show

2.Change Network Password
Very infortant to change this password for easy to remember.

3. Join other PC on Home Group
 After creating a Group   Join other PC on a created Group.

 Type your Homegroup  password 

4.Sharing File , Folder or Drive on Windows 7
Click share with then  Advance sharing
  Edit permission   to everyone.

5.Turn on Printer Sharing and remove the account login ,password on computer

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Now Print Test  :)

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