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Made of Bamboo ( made in the Philippines )

 We all know   Pinoy built their  homes with bamboo  and some accessories   now  Pinoy found new products can be made of Bamboo.

 "LoudBasstard Bamboo Speaker"

Speaker made of bamboo \m/  made in the Philippines

This speaker system can be used with any smartphone, the environment-friendly because it is made with bamboo, does not have any electrical component and therefore do not need electricity to amplify the sound.

Visit their page @  https://www.facebook.com/loudbasstardTM
 Visit their website @  http://www.loudbasstard.com/

 "Bambike "

 KAWAYANTECH was formed in 2009, when a group by alumni members of the University of the Philippines Mountaineers (U.P. Mountaineers/UPM), participated in the workshop and produced its first bamboo bike as taught by Craig Calfee. 

The select species of bamboo that  are at least as strong as steel in tensile strength and have higher strength-to-weight ratios.
Bamboo bike frames have been  tested for durability, crash worthiness and stiffness. They are certified to the toughest standards.
Visit their Page  @  :  https://www.facebook.com/Kawayantechbamboobikes
Visit their Website @   :   http://bambike.com/

This product  amazingly hit the  market  on the web

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