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muguard case 017. cheat detected with memory scanning method

I'm back playing  with ZhyperMU   a private server  started 2004   no wipeout :) .
My laptop is Dell N3050 with a OEM bios, I cannot tweak my video on bios becuase OEM blabala bla.. Running on Windows 7 OS   my MU really lags  and cannot  play dual login

I decided  to reformat it with Windows XP  the game run so smooth and no lags on dual log in.

But after a minutes  the game close and a webpage pop out  with a message "muguard case 017. cheat detected with memory scanning method".

 This make me so aw awowoww...  I can't play  it automatic close the game.

I Google it up  how to fix this problem and  found  a solution , TURN OFF WIFI or ANY BLUETOOTH DEVICE

Amazing it works !!

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